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28 May, 2022, 10:26:28 AM *
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Author Topic: Mirrors  (Read 371 times)
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Vincenza Wrangler

Posts: 4

« on: 31 March, 2022, 11:21:18 AM »

Hello all
This is my first entry into the World of Forum.  I bought a 2000 coupe HF in January and have been slowing recommissioning.
View to the rear is rather limited by having only a driver's side mirror.  I don't want a permanent mirror on the passenger side.  Can anyone recommend a passenger side - so more articulated - clamp on mirror?  Preferably one that I can fix to the rain channel.
Thank you.
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« Reply #1 on: 31 March, 2022, 11:43:12 AM »

I use a clamp on (BMC) Mini mirror, clamped onto the quarter light of my Flaminia, which most classic part suppliers, stock. Can’t remember if it clamps onto the glass or the trim, but can look and post a picture over the weekend.   
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Julian Wood, Kingston, London
Posts: 5

« Reply #2 on: 31 March, 2022, 02:49:07 PM »

I've got two of these on my car.

Your choice of flat or convex. I think they look the part and work reasonably well.
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63 Flavia Coupe

« Reply #3 on: 31 March, 2022, 04:19:35 PM »

Re: Racing Bullet type mirror.   

Unfortunately Iíve had problems with this type of fixing.  The manufacturer may have addressed this problem as I must admit it was a few years ago.
The ball on the end of the arm at the clamp end sits in a plastic cup.  Tension on the ball is a metal plate acting on the plastic cup fixed by two grub screws.  I found over time the mirror becomes loose and moves, necessitating tightening of the plate beneath the ball.  Eventually the plastic ball doesnít provide enough grip and renders the mirror useless.  I did try several different fixing/gripping methods, all to no avail.

Basically itís cheap and I donít think it works very well.

Cheers,  Peter
Permanent resident
Posts: 1798

« Reply #4 on: 31 March, 2022, 05:24:04 PM »

My experience of external mirrors on Fulvia Sedans is that they are best located on the wings where they are out of the way. Also proper wing mirrors have a spring in the base which allows the mirror to deflect if its bumped into.
And I personally think the ARCO mirrors suit the vehicle best.
The A post is really too close to the driver so mirrors which clamp to the window frame, quarterlight  or door or wing edge tend to inevitably leave a witness mark and thats assuming the tight shutlines allow you to get the bracket in place. And they seem to get bumped into quite easily.
Having said all of that, Jacky has a pair or external mirrors clamped onto the quarterlights on her Aurelia B24S Convertible as I dont want to drill holes in the wings and I havent found any period mirrors which I think look appropriate.
Just a personal view from experience.

* Fulvia GTE v2.jpg (2007.59 KB, 3716x2477 - viewed 18 times.)

Chris Gawne
Mobile: 07778 216552
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« Reply #5 on: 31 March, 2022, 10:23:30 PM »

When I did a trip in Europe a few years ago, and concerned about to-the-side visibility with no passenger side mirror, I opted for one of the wide but slim convex (aka panoramic) clip on rear view mirrors. In fact I've got on so well with it I've never opted to remove it!

Whilst of course this isn't quite the same as having a left-hand mirror, the increased range of vision provided is very effective imho.
Vincenza Wrangler

Posts: 4

« Reply #6 on: 01 April, 2022, 10:36:36 AM »

I've got two of these on my car.

Your choice of flat or convex. I think they look the part and work reasonably well.

I used your link Berlina2c and found this:-
I'll give them a call to see if it really does bend enough!
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