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Title: BaT Auction Success Story,Alfa Romeo - Athens to Amsterdam (Insurance sub title)
Post by: Parisien on 08 August, 2017, 05:28:48 PM

This is the second success story of recent times based on buyers using Bring A Trailer auctions. The buyer an American living in Thailand, bought it via the above site and then liaised with the seller to ensure the car was ready for a long road trip both mechanically and legally, regarding registration and insurance.

The later aspect proved truly very difficult and having read through Paul Greenways threads about importing and insuring his Thesis a few years back ( and ) I thought I'd contact the buyer of the above car to further understand the process involved to meet legal obligations. Patrick offered to provide the information for exporting and insuring a classic from Greece but I was more interested in buy/fly/driving a classic back from Italy, he had linked the name of the company who he used to export the Alfa back from Amsterdam to the USA who was then able to provide me with more information. This was Paul's main issue, in the UK at least no one could/would insure him driving the Thesis back from Italy, other EU companies/brokers would do so but appeared to be very expensive, the price below seems pretty reasonable.

The details to do so and associated costs are as follows;

Once you have the temporary plates on them I can insure them on the vin number.
Need good copy of the registration
Copy of your Id.
Your full address and contact number
Required dates?
We can only do two weeks and extended for another 2 weeks. Longer is not possible.
Insurance standard WA (GRK categorie A)   2 weeks                     . 250,00 ex. VAT (only companies are exempt)
Sending original greencard by FedEx                                                    .  45,00 ex. VAT

The company is a fairly big export Dutch concern with whom I have no connection, if anyone wants their contact details please pm me.


Title: Re: BaT Auction Success Story,Alfa Romeo - Athens to Amsterdam (Insurance sub title)
Post by: Parisien on 08 August, 2017, 07:07:54 PM
Another useful thread off a fellow Italian marque forum, the Flaminia trip had been covered in another thread last year.

I was under the impression, that the company linked here would only allow TUVed German registered cars to be covered by their temporary plates and insurance, can anyone confirm or shed more light on?