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Title: Aprilia white metal bearings
Post by: brian on 08 August, 2017, 10:48:46 AM
I noted a vibration in the Aprilia and as I had taken off the propshaft many times I assumed it was that although it was not quite typical ie specific speed-related, more just got worse with increasing speed. So off I went to Vibration Free. They noted a biphasic knock ie x2 per revolution which they thought came from the engine or possibly gearbox. Car then to Thornley Kelham as advised by Ade Rudler.
Wayne there has just phoned to say white metal main bearings falling apart.

Question: On the Augusta I have shells and a modified mount for the oil filter so I can use a Renault 5 filter and have disposed of the clutch pedal operated original system. Do I do the same for the Aprilia? I do not have the rods for the original system yet - a job I had left as more pressing things to do.

Any advice/tales of experiences very welcome.