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Title: Flavia 2000 Coupe door trim
Post by: alan284flavia on 07 May, 2017, 03:07:03 PM
Am needing to renew outer window seals on my doors on 1970 coupe, have got mouldings from consortium but am buggered if I can figure out how to remove the door cards. They have arm rest incorporated and door handle coming out from bottom front of arm rest. The tavolas I have are not very clear, I suspect some screws are concealed and don't want to wreck the cards. I presume the outer rubber seals must be retained by clips, again the tavolas are unclear. Any suggestions welcome

Title: Re: Flavia 2000 Coupe door trim
Post by: bobhenry999 on 08 May, 2017, 03:19:31 PM

From memory I think that you have to;

1. Remove the phillips-headed screw that holds the door release handle on, then slide the handle off the splined shaft.
2. Then carefully prise the plastic chrome trim from the armrest, starting at the top, and you will reveal the screw at the top and 2 more underneath the armrest which have to be removed.
3. The next bit can be a bit tricky. to get the window winder off, you have to push the steel escutcheon in towards the door which will expose a woodruff type of key sitting in an annular groove in the winder shaft. pop this out and the handle will slide off the splined shaft.
Then remove all the tiny screws that hold the stainless trims on around the edge of the door, some of which go through the trim into the steel of the door frame.
4. Then you just pull the door card down from under the top vinyl trim and hey presto it`s off !

The top trim is simply held on with tiny screws.

You may find that the plastic/chrome strip in the armrest flakes and all of the chrome drops off. This happened to an HF that I had some years ago. I replaced the trim with some universal chrome trim from a local car spares shop.

Hope this helps,


Title: Re: Flavia 2000 Coupe door trim
Post by: alan284flavia on 08 May, 2017, 05:48:18 PM
Thanks Bob, will search for door handle retaining screw, could not see it but was inside and did not have my reading glasses. Will have a go when time permits. I presume the outer rubber has some sort of retaining lug or clip