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Title: S3 Appia indicator stalk
Post by: John B on 25 August, 2015, 04:22:16 PM
My indicator stalk was not self cancelling so decided to investigate by removing the unit from the steering column. The small knurled chrome retaing nut was easy to unscrew but the larger domed one was reluctant to move leading me to wonder if the grub scew immediately next to it in the steering column was in fact locking it in position after removal it was obviously not (1st pic).
It is just an access point for the screw that can be seen in the photo.
With a bit more force the chrome cover was unscrewed and the complete unit was removed.

My question is ........ what is the purpose of that screw and why did Lancia feel the need to make an access point for it?

I may have accidently answered the question myself before I removed the stalk I had a problem with the parking/head lights.  By pulling the dashboard switch for the lights just the side lights should come on and not until it is turned and pulled again should the main lights come on.
My lights all came on with the fist pull of the switch but now they work correctly!

Pic 2 shows the screw (circled red), by turning it one way or another it opens/closes the gap between some contacts but I've no idea of the significance of this screw ........ ???????

Anyway, indicator stalk now self cancells and lights work as they were intended......not a bad day!

Title: Re: S3 Appia indicator stalk
Post by: simonandjuliet on 27 August, 2015, 02:11:17 PM
I had a look at mine today and removed the stalk. I think that the original idea was to give screwdriver access to the terminal block behind the switch - not to say that it isn't useful for adjusting that other screw as well !

Title: Re: S3 Appia indicator stalk
Post by: John B on 30 August, 2015, 11:38:05 AM
Thanks Simon, I overlooked the fact that there was another screw in line with that access hole once I had removed the stalk assembly.
Just need to find out what the purpose of the adjustable screw on the stalk is for now........but as everything is working as it should it's best left alone.     :)