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Title: Exhaust
Post by: eyore on 30 August, 2007, 09:21:38 PM
When I bought my 1.3S which came from Italy,it had only one silencer box,the transverse one across the back axle and a straight through pipe from it exiting in the usual place. I have left it as is, due to the lovely crack off the exhaust. I am tempted to try the same thing with the 1.6HF as it sounds far too quiet. Anyone else tried it or is it illegal in the UK?

Title: Re: Exhaust
Post by: FanaloneMan on 31 August, 2007, 01:35:55 PM
When I bought my Fanalona it had the rear silencer missing and just a tube welded where the silencer should have been.

I must say it made a lovely sound and probably good for racing but is was way too loud...but it sounded like a race car should the only problem was driving home at night...I used to wake people up!  They used to tell me and any time i went through a street which had houses on either side the night!!!

But I loved the way it sounded, especially when changing gear and the downshift in revs would encourage a putt putt from the exhaust but I was worried - even in Italy where they love cars and the police are a little bit more tolerant that I would get stopped by the police. Definitley illegal!!

I had to change it though and got a new tailpipe and rear silencer and too be honest it's still very loud - though not as much as before and I've lost the putt putt which made me sad. But I've kept the bit of tailpipe where the rear silencer was just in case.

Title: Re: Exhaust
Post by: angelorange on 04 September, 2007, 05:37:27 PM
Very much doubt it is illegal.

The UK MoT does not test SPL (Sound Pressure Level) for older cars.

This issue is only with your neighbours.

For track days most UK circuits require 100 dBA max - race days are usually 105 dBA but remember 3 dBA is a doubling in noise level!

I once owned a Fiat 127 Abarth with race system - great fun except i worked as a postman and the 5am starts got the neighbourhood watch folk talking too much so i went back to a standard 127 Sport exhaust!