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Title: Starter motor
Post by: John B on 24 November, 2014, 04:27:44 PM
A couple of times recently when starting the car after not using it for a while the starter motor continues to turn
even when releasing the ignition button AND turning the ignition off.
Once the engine fires up all is OK and, so far, for the rest of the day it behaves normally.
The starter motor and solenoid were replaced recently (just before I bought the car) so I am guessing the problem
is with the ignition switch - any one had similar problems?

Title: Re: Starter motor
Post by: simonandjuliet on 24 November, 2014, 05:45:13 PM
I had a broken contact in the switch (see Everyday Appia - couple of pages back) which meant that when you pushed the key, nothing happened. Not the same problem, but it is very easy to pull to pieces and have a look