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Title: Help with Flaminia and Aurelia differential set-up.
Post by: Jay on 17 November, 2014, 02:10:06 PM
The reason of putting Aurelia in the title is that I am assuming the theory is the same for both transaxles, and I know how knowledgeable the Aurelia guys are.

Having completely striped my Flaminia transaxle replacing many parts, splitting the case, measuring where everything sits, replacing the input shaft front bearing (although the new SKF 40x90x23 bearing has just as much play as the old one), itís time to rebuild.

As I didnít disturbed the differential just the pinion, and itís rock solid in the casing, I would imagine there is no adjustments I need to do, apart from testing how square the ring gear and check it for wobble, which are both fine. Having replaced the main shaft back into its original position and checked the meshing pattern which looks good. Great tip I used chalk and Vaseline mixed for gear marking paste.

The only measurement which seems high is the gap between pinion and ring gear, the manual says it should be .05mm, but moving the ring gear back and forth it seems larger than this, although bolting up the case will give a better indication. However it seems about the same when I tested it before splitting the case.  
Any other advice, is there much else I can check, as there seems to be no pinion or ring gear preload adjustment, or am I missing a trick.

Once completed I will post some pics and comments.                    

Title: Re: Help with Flaminia and Aurelia differential set-up.
Post by: Jay on 24 November, 2014, 02:46:25 PM
After some reading and emailing, Jaan at Eddins Moto was a great. The box is rebuilt with less than original specified preload, as generally consensus is that as bearings loosen up with age and re-preloading back to original levels can cause more troubles. The same with the backlash as mentioned before 0.05mm seems very tight compared with other manufactures, so running about 3 times that at 0.17mm (measured on the ring gear), which feels about the same as before. With the meshing patterns looking well distributed across both surfaces of the ring gear.