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Title: Fulvia Sump/Gearbox Plug
Post by: Tim Ray on 13 November, 2014, 08:28:51 PM
Can anybody please recommend a source. I need to replace all 3. I understand that 1 x Engine and 2 x Gearbox are the same size and that
 S1, 2 and 3 use the same plugs. Non Lancia parts seem fairly cheap on e-bay but I don't have the dimensions.
Most modern plugs seem to come with a Copper Washer. I was reading that for a Fulvia, a Fibre type was best. Any thoughts or comments.
Many Thanks

Title: Re: Fulvia Sump/Gearbox Plug
Post by: nistri on 14 November, 2014, 07:03:14 AM
Hi Tim, this company makes and sells the magnetic plugs you are looking for: Some  time ago I bought a few from them and they were absolutely OK. I have not seen any difference between copper or fiber washers as long as they have the correct diameter. BTW, when fitting new points to the distributor, it is very useful to set them with a dwell angle meter (57 +/- 3 degrees) and it is important to check the ignition timing that is bound to be altered. Andrea