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Title: Lambda Airway Saloon
Post by: denisbasson on 24 June, 2007, 06:35:36 AM
I am trying to find out if the Lambda Airway saloon featured in the Olympia show ( 1927?) and which eventually came to Australia was ever owned by the actress Gladys Cooper. We have a picture of the car in South Australia and the caption says it was made for Gladys Cooper is it possible that there is a refernce to this somewhere? possible a motoring journal article? or does someone have the sales records of the agents? it would be very nice to be able to say that the picture caption is correct
Also is it possible to find out how many Lambda Airway saloons were made the style inspired other make copies but just how many Lambdas were made??

Cheers for now Lancias forever

Denis Basson