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Title: If someone really wants a good Integrale....
Post by: Lapsed Cesare Ferrari on 12 November, 2013, 05:49:56 PM

.... then he or she should get in touch with David Honeybun of European Classic Cars who is selling a white car for Peter Harding. Here is a link (which may need to be pasted):

Peter has done everything that this car needs to bring it to top mechanical condition, all to his usual very high standards, and the car is absolutely ready to go without further work or expenditure. Do not be put off that it says "price on application": you may be very pleasantly surprised!

By the way, RHD on an Integrale is a disadvantage I would think, however well executed, as it alters the original characteristics. I understand that an exact equivalent of the original steering rack was not available when these cars were converted so a slower rack was fitted, probably from a related Fiat group car. Also, though the pedal box moves to the right hand side the master cylinder and servo stay on the left! The two are joined together by a transverse brake pedal rod and linkage.  This does not make for as positive brake pedal as on the original LHD cars.