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Title: Swap my Alfa Mito for your abandoned Fulvia project!
Post by: HF Harry on 05 April, 2013, 08:19:54 AM
Hello everybody I have just joined! I would like to swap my Alfa Mito for a Fulvia Coupe HF project. My car is the 2010 1.4 lusso non turbo and only has 5k on the clock but has a problem. Apparently it needs an ECU or engine loom as the fault code for the MAP sensor and throttle position will not erase. Worst case both!! This will be expensive, probably about 1000 to fix!! There isn't anybody in the country that can test this type of ECU. The car drives 100% , but it is stuck in the 'N' mode of the DNA with a few warning lights on the dash. I had this for sale on Ebay and had too many time wasters. The car has a unique number plate which is exactly like MITO*. This car was subjected to fire damage at the front (headlamps, bumper etc) during the Riots cat c/d but professionally fully repaired with new parts.
The fulvia I am looking for will be: A solid presentable S2 HF shell which is complete with log book and matching numbers. I am not interested in the engine, gearbox or wheels, but it MUST have the original rear axle and front subframe. No 1.3 S2 immitations - I know where to look!!

If you need more details/photos please e-mail me on: or reply to this.