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Title: Air Filter
Post by: Angle Grinder on 20 February, 2013, 03:45:36 PM
I recently got a quote from for re-usable air filter of the same dimensions as the original Flavia 1800 carb engine type. The price with delivery comes in at ~100 which seems rather dear, but maybe worth it given that it can be washed through with petrol again and again. See quote below:

= Product                             AIRFILTER inner units
= Origine/Production                 in Germany
= sold                                 NEW
= for car types                      Lancia Flavia 1st & 2nd series all series & versions
= tobe cleaned                        by/with  white spirit = always re-useable !
= Price                                EUROS 74,50 / piece
= excl.                                freightcosts
= Transport costs                    by usual Airmail = EUROS 22,90
by DHL = EUROS 44,60

So does anyone have suggestion and (hopefully) a part number for a cheaper alternative filter that would fit inside the standard Flavia 1800 air box. I've looked at K&N alternatives and haven't yet found one with the right inner diameter dimension to fit onto the air intake tube of the Flavia air box.