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Title: from the Arie van der Hoeve article in "Appia"
Post by: Richard Fridd on 11 February, 2013, 12:38:47 PM
Attached a picture of the black Lancia Augusta with a Pininfarina Cabrio body of Arie van der Hoeve and his wonderful wife Gers. Picture was taken on a ferry just before the war in theDordrecht area.Arie was very fond of this Lancia and he was always talking about its excellent steering and braking qualities.Also the the narrow V4 engine was a magnificent pieceof engineering.During the second world war the Lancia was dismantled and the parts stored away at his brothers farm in Hellevoetsluis.As soon as the hostilities had ended the Lancia was assembled again and enjoyed well into the 1950's.Arie was at one time a keenfencer and even Dutch champion of this noble sport.This was reason for much travelling with the Lancia through Europe en route to several championships.During one winter in the early fifties he had to face a severe frost.To keep his family warm he had a household parrafin heater in the back of the car.Despite this all the windows kept steaming up and the journey had to be ended.  .                                               _van _der _hoeve.htm