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Title: My Thesis..........
Post by: Parisien on 18 January, 2013, 10:38:07 AM
Oooppss.......wrong section...not quite..... ;D

I was thinking of doing a thesis entitled -  Lancia B12S Saloon doors  - September to October 1955.

The guy whose providing the brains, expertise and experience on my project has been extolling and simultaneously cussing at the construction and build quality of the doors of my car as we strip them. Used to working on an array of British cars over the last 30 years, hes continually surprised, delighted and occasionally frustrated at the Italian/Lancia way of doing things!

So many things work so beautifully, others on attempting to dismantled them are so well put together, that a small explosive charge might me more useful! Thankfully after quite a few  hours wrestling, grunting and groaning we have our first door stripped, and various parts freed up and working as designed.

Maybe I won't do that thesis after all...........