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Title: FiatECUscan
Post by: Paul Greenway on 24 August, 2012, 07:09:19 AM

As mentioned in previous "where to service a Thesis" posts, despite getting the car serviced at Alfa main dealers, they have not been able to rid the flashing/beeping dash warning lights informing me that the headlamps are out of adjustment-Go to Lancia dealer- that have been an issue since adjusting for the British market compliance. Also since the windscreen was replaced I now have another set of flashing lights informing me constantly that the auto wipers/headlamps require re-setting and again I must go to a Lancia dealer. I have been to a couple of independant garages/auto electricians to resolve but no joy to date, so have now purchased an all singing and dancing multiplex Fiat ECU scanner which will allegedly put my world to right.

The issue I now have is connecting to the car and what to do next. The programme has been downloaded onto my laptop and the license obtained so now all I have to do is plug in and go, however upon removing the lower dash section under the steering column there is a mass of fuses and wires, plugs and sockets and not being too confident by playing around down here (I pulled out one (incorrect) plug from its socket and when replacing had more flashing lights and the car refused to start- luckily on the second attempt everything was fine) I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice or has had any experience in this department as it is not obvious as too which is the correct 16 point socket that the scanner plugs into. I may even be in the wrong place although most other Fiat derived cars  (except Phedra/Ulysees) have it here, so says the CD that accompanies the scanner.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks, or maybe I just take the scanner/laptop to an auto electrician to see if they can suss it out.