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Title: Posting Instructions
Post by: Rodders on 13 March, 2007, 02:38:45 PM
This forum is intended solely for the announcement of private sales by LMC members.  Advertisements on behalf of third parties are not encouraged, though the club understand that from time to time such advertisements may be necessary, for instance in cases of illness or bereavement.  To avoid confusion in these cases everyone posting here is expected to be the sole contact point for any enquiries about items they have posted.  To protect both the club and its members we  do not allow advertising on behalf of third-parties to include contact details for anyone other than the member concerned.

The Lancia Motor Club takes no responsibility for the condition or suitability of items offered for sale and potential buyers should establish this information direct from the vendor before making a purchase.

Title: Re: Posting Instructions
Post by: Thotos on 03 July, 2013, 07:53:06 PM
The above hasn't really worked as many people post adverts found on the web or the press. There's nothing wrong with that information; this forum is here to pass useful information to LMC members. So to separate adverts by members selling their cars from adverts found by others, a new board ( has been created and should be used exclusively by members advertising their own cars for sale.

Obviously this board currently has many adverts by members selling their own cars and I don't propose to move any of them. Members who have posted adverts here for the sale of their cars can re-advertise in the new board ( or just leave their adverts here.