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Title: Carb tuning
Post by: ah_sprite on 01 June, 2011, 03:16:23 PM
Hi all
I (think I have) managed to adjust my carbs so the car is idling well, using the four idle control screws. However, the car refuses to run properly at all under any load whatsoever, unless the engine speed is increased very slowly.

The timing appears to be okay, what else could be the cause of the problem?


Title: Re: Carb tuning
Post by: ColinMarr on 02 June, 2011, 07:24:40 AM

It sounds like the idling jets are clear and working OK, but other jets inside the carbs at the bottom of the float chambers may not be. Also, the accelerator pumps underneath the carbs may not be functioning. If the carbs have been refurbished then the diaphragms for these pumps should have been replaced and the push-rod linkages that work them should have been checked.

Think yourself lucky you are not trying to fix this with a sideways opening bonnet as on early Sports!

Regarding your other question about engine oil - I favour Fiat/Selenia HPX. There have been other posts on the Forum about this oil it is 20/60 semi-synthetic, not hugely expensive and does what its supposed to do, which is good for old engines.


Title: Re: Carb tuning
Post by: fay66 on 02 June, 2011, 10:14:48 AM
No connection to them but having just Googled it
Have it for 27.54 inc Vat which seems to be 3-4 at least cheaper than anywhere listed, unless Colin knows different ;)

8227 8)

Title: Re: Carb tuning
Post by: ah_sprite on 05 June, 2011, 08:47:00 PM
Thanks for the replies, chaps.
Done some more investigation and it would appear that you are indeed right - the acceleration side of things isn't delievering any fuel. The pumps seem to be working correctly, however.

Just had the carbs off the cars and in bits - cleaned out all of the jets and plunger bearings as far and as well as I can, they were very full of crud indeed. Hopefully that will have sorted my problems.

Out of interest, is there anywhere that will supply single parts for carbs, such as, say, a new diaphragm or a new main jet?

Many thanks for the input

Title: Re: Carb tuning
Post by: lancialulu on 05 June, 2011, 09:06:57 PM
New Solex Main jets (whats wrong with yours?) are not readily available but recon kits with all gaskets and diaphrams are nearly always on ebay c 30.

Title: Re: Carb tuning
Post by: roddy on 19 June, 2011, 10:53:58 PM
Hello Richard

I have found that eBay shop :-   in Italy are very good at supplying Solex parts, including jets.   English seems to be understood, and they offer a very good service, in my opinion.

Regards - Roddy