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Title: Oils and lubricants
Post by: GG on 26 May, 2011, 01:28:59 AM
One issue with the Aurelia is finding the right oil for it. Its a bit tricky as in some cases, Lancia upgraded their specifications during the life of the car, and even after. So too, some oils have been replaced in the market. Please find attached a summary chart on these. Some of the issues for discussion are noted here:

For the engine, Lancia called for 20,30,40 oil, with 50W to be used for "sporting events". I'd assume either 10-40 or 20-50 would be fine - any thoughts?

For the trans, there seem to be two suitable oils - first is the old straight 90W, GL-1 oil. Mind you, Lancia in the 4th series called for 140W for temps over 68, but by the 6th series backed off that for 90 EP oil - but is that the same as GL-1?

Also for the trans, there was about 20 years ago some newer synthetic oils, but these were said to eat up the bronze and are not to be used. However there is a later formulation synthetic (by Redline and maybe others) in either 75-90W or 90-140W, called NS (for non-slip) that doesn't attack the bronze. Anyone got any thoughts? One guy I know uses a mixture of the two weights in the early trans. Another person swears by the straight 90W.

The rear inner potjoints were upgraded by Lancia to 250W oil, same as early Flaminias. Later Flaminias are listed as using grease instead, probably not for the Aurelia.

For the front suspension, 20 or 30W oil. Again, some say the viscosity has changed and that 30W is more needed than the specified older 20W.

Let the discussion begin!

Title: Re: Oils and lubricants
Post by: Kevin MacBride on 26 May, 2011, 01:33:06 PM
As I work for Fiat I tend to use thier oils. So Senelia HPX (20/60) for the engine, ZC90 for gearbox, and ZC90 for the front suspension. Penrite 250 for the pot joints, although I have used Tutela 140.
Nothings blown up in the past 10 years, and I drive my car HARD !!

Title: Re: Oils and lubricants
Post by: Parisien on 12 May, 2013, 01:20:44 PM
Wondering if there is any further info/experiences/recommendations as regards oils and lubricants, am about to strip down front suspension units, hence the inquiry?