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Title: Edinburgh registered Flavia vignale1500
Post by: Fulvia365 on 27 February, 2011, 04:03:18 PM
My aunt bought (on my recommendation aged 15!) a flavia vignale 1500 with an Edinburgh registration I think suffix SC, SF or FS.
She wanted a black one with blue leather and I seem to remember the importer sprayed a silver one black to suit her needs. She also had a black hardtop.  The week after she got it, they announced the 1800 version. Perhaps that is why they resprayed it.

She kept it a couple of years and sold it on with some difficulty to a garage in London.

I now possess a rather nice Fulvia S3 (1975/6)

Wondered if her car was still around and being cared for or if any club member knew of it

Leonard Magrill