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Title: 33mm Valve shims wanted
Post by: pewe on 08 January, 2011, 12:04:36 PM
As other posts it's not until you renew the cylinder head and more especially the cam-box gaskets you realise the need for a supply of shims.
So I'm currently in need of the following:-
4.40 x 1, 4.50 x 1, 4.55 x 1, 4.60 x 2, 4.65 x 1, 4.70 x 2.

I have/will have 3.85 x 1 , 3.90 x 1, 3.95 x 2, 4.10 x 1 + (1). 4.15 x 2 + (2), 4.20 x (2), 4.25 x (2), 4.30 x 1, 4.35 x 1. The ones not currently available but due once I've re-shimmed are in brackets.

Anyone interested in selling/swapping shims please contact me via here or email
Based in Reading so can collect locally otherwise post.
Early replies appreciated.
Cheers, Pewe.

Thanks to the Colonel for that vv I'll try him if nothing else turns up. There are a couple of specialists locally who I'll try on Monday. Rgds, P.

Title: Re: 33mm Valve shims wanted
Post by: thecolonel on 08 January, 2011, 12:33:20 PM
This chap is usually quite good:


Title: Re: 33mm Valve shims wanted - sorted
Post by: pewe on 11 January, 2011, 08:14:01 PM
Just ordered some new ones from AE as per the Colonel's suggestion.
Majority however came from Keith at Auto-integrale RG7 5RH tel 01189710281.
Top man and very helpful.
Hopefully back on the road by the weekend.
Cheers, Pewe.