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Title: C&SC 'Greatest ever drivers' cars'
Post by: williamcorke on 02 November, 2010, 08:12:14 AM
Received this '36- page collectors' special' supplement with my copy of Classic & Sports Car yesterday.  They seem to have polled an unusually large number of people, 'more than 100 of the most important people in the classic world, in our quest to provide the definitive answer to that age-old question: what's the best road car of all?'.  The top 25 are written-up by Martin Buckley...

Lancias do feature in the list of cars, but not necessarily the ones you'd expect; the Stratos is in 25th place and the Aurelia in 13th.  No Integrale, no Fulvia, Aprilia...

911 RS 2.7 emerges as the winner after the top 5 have been tested by Alain de Cadenet (whose own AR 8C is one of the 5 - a bit random that, or perhaps not...).

The back page has a list of voter's names, and their top choices.  Most intriguing Lancia-related choice I spotted was Lee Noble - bloke famous for sorting mid-engined car handling, Ascari / Ultima / Noble - who names the Fulvia 1600HF as one of his 3 favourites.  What's the story there I wonder, it doesn't seem like his sort of car?  Perhaps he'd like to do a feature for VL on his Fulvia experience, I'm sure he'd have something interesting to say.


Title: Re: C&SC 'Greatest ever drivers' cars'
Post by: fay66 on 02 November, 2010, 09:45:22 AM
Can't say I was impressed by the choice either. How can you miss a Fulvia out and list a Peugot 205, I know 205's were great cars at the time, but it's not a choice that springs instantly to mind.
If you're not talking about sheer power, rather enjoyment, I'd have had the original Fiat 500 in there somewhere, I ran them for years and biggest hoot ever for the power and size.
I bet if they ran it with a different group of experienced drivers, you'd get a different result.

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