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Title: Tyro needs carburetter help
Post by: welleyes on 08 July, 2010, 06:13:35 PM

Does anyone have an Aprilia fitted with a Zenith 36VI 2?

I have repaired or made good some damage but the carb is a mystery to me (and so far to companies claiming expert knowledge of old Zeniths) A parts list/illustration would be very useful as would the name of anyone who really has knowledge of them. They seem to have been fitted to very few cars amongst them Riley, Autovia, Armstrong Siddely and Talbot 75. As new Aprilia owners, we would welcome help and advice. If the advice is to fit the original 32 VIM perhaps someone of you has a spare one.

Stuart Tallack pp Andrew Tallack

Title: Re: Tyro needs carburetter help
Post by: BlueSky on 08 July, 2010, 11:15:20 PM
My car also has one of these Zeniths. Iíve got some information on them that I found in my 1938 copy of ďThe Modern Motor EngineerĒ Iíll email you what I have. Coincidentally I just took mine in for an overhaul on Wednesday, down here in Melbourne most of us use Wilsonís in Airport West were John Cheal is an expert on these things. He said they were quite common in their day, being used in various Austins, Rileys and even Bedford trucks!

Iíve seen a few other Aprilias with them and from my limited experience they preform very well. One hint with them is never depress the accelerator when starting, they have an accelerator pump, just pull out the choke and crank away. Stuart & Andrew youíll have to post some more details on your Aprilia for us to enjoy.


Title: Re: Tyro needs carburetter help
Post by: welleyes on 09 July, 2010, 01:36:51 PM
Noel, thank you so much. I phoned around friends as soon as I read your post and I now have my own copy of The Modern Motor Engineer. The car is ex-William Balfour of Kelso in the Scottish Borders. It is in pretty good shape though not without problems. The doors have dropped slightly which means they need to be closed very carefully to avoid them coming open. That is the next problem to be addressed. The carburettor has caused a few difficulties as the needle valve leaks and the banjo bolt thread was stripped. I have helicoiled the thread and a new needle and seating is on the way.

Longest journey so far has been a couple of hundred miles each way, almost all done on back roads. Anyone who knows the Gloucester area will know Stanway and Sudeley Hills. It coped well with those though down to second when balked on Sudeley. The road was single track and the horse riders had been joined by a cycle time trial, so progress for a few miles was intermittent. Our first impressions are that it is as good as expected. It joins two Morgan three wheelers and a chaingang Frazer Nash so you can tell we are not at all accustomed to Lancia levels of sophistication. It is nice to have an old car that does not leave you after a run looking like a stoker on a steam train.

Plenty of learning to do and, who knows, perhaps after enough study and subsequent work, we will have a petrol gauge that does not read  four gallons regardless.

Stuart Tallack pp Andrew Tallack

Title: Re: Tyro needs carburetter help
Post by: ben on 05 August, 2010, 01:29:45 PM
Hi you two
             Am feeling bad that your only help came from Melbourne when I am just down the road---assuming you live in the Glocs region. My Aprilia just has the standard carb which in my experience works fine tho' I know there are many "up-grades" around.
            I also have a 1937 Morgan three-wheeler but am ashamed to say it has been off the road for about 25 years!
            Aprilia doors dont usually drop but latches can be problematic and need careful lining up and lubricating.Perhaps the cills have been welded and some distortion has occured.Early cars had square latches at the top which tend to be more rattly than later cars which have the round "peg in a hole" type top and bottom. What year/series is your car? Is it the 1350 or 1485cc engine?
                                Ben Courage

Title: Re: Tyro needs carburetter help
Post by: welleyes on 08 August, 2010, 07:36:14 AM
Thanks for your reply.
The carb problem is now sorted and I have now found three sources of information on the 36 VI 2 so no excuses for it not working. Stripped threads were the problem, both in the banjo and the float pivot. We are not yet sure about the problem with insecure doors as the Morgans became the priority for a couple of weeks. We are actually in West Sussex; on a trip home from Winchcombe, I opened the rear door on my side and pulled the front one home by putting my hand round the lower part of the door. I then shut the rear one, of course. No door problem all the way home, but we cannot really expect innocent passengers to go through that.

The car is 1937 Series One with the 1350 engine.

Regarding your Morgan being off the road for twenty five years, we have a Rudge which was more than half rebuilt thirty odd years ago and put aside to do other things... still not finished! I also have a 1937 lightweight bicycle (Oscar Egg) which I think I will have to refurbish as it is the same age as the Lancia. They will go well together.

Stuart Tallack pp Andy Tallack

Title: Re: Tyro needs carburetter help
Post by: davidwheeler on 26 August, 2010, 09:53:10 AM
Have a look in the technical thread and you will find pictures and information on the latches and locks.

Title: Re: Tyro needs carburetter help
Post by: DavidLaver on 26 August, 2010, 07:54:22 PM

Any photos?


Title: Re: Tyro needs carburetter help
Post by: welleyes on 02 September, 2010, 06:53:06 PM
Carburetter problems are completely solved.
The door problems are possibly solved but more time is needed to be sure.
New question re doors... what is supposed to restrain the door glass and stop it from rattling around destructively. Would I be right in thinking that there should be a roller or possibly a rubber block on the plate riveted to the inside of the door? Should there be a rubber moulding at the bottom of the window opening? At the moment, there is damn-all down there.

Does anyone remember a trials Aprilia special? I think it was a shortened chassis with the engine further back. Period would be early fifties.

Stuart Tallack pp Andrew Tallack

Title: Re: Tyro needs carburetter help
Post by: davidwheeler on 28 October, 2010, 11:35:49 AM
I've fitted standard window rubbers to the inside of the window aperture which stops the window rattling.  Ideally there would be a seal at the bottom of the window aperture but there really does not seem to be room with the aluminium trim in place and there is nothing shown in the parts manual.   I have made sure that the inside of the door is well protected and the drain holes are clear.