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Title: Newnes Book Period Photo
Post by: Running Board on 05 November, 2009, 11:01:38 PM
Many years ago, I bought a set of “Newnes Engineering Works Practice” books, which, at £1 for all four volumes, I felt were not to be missed.  They’re not exactly riveting bedtime reading but handy to refer to now and again for specific information.  On just such an occasion the other week, I was delighted to discover this photograph of an Augusta undergoing work in a body shop somewhere.  The books date from about 1950, although many of the pictures in other chapters are certainly pre-war.

This photo is from a chapter entitled “Hand-Held or Portable Power Tools” which was written by a Mr M W Boyce, whom, it is stated, at that time worked for Black & Decker as their “Sales Promotion & Advertising” man. 

Note the operator’s lack of PPE!  Also, the sidelamps fitted to the car are the wartime Lucas/CAV (?) type.  The original print is not very good but just discernable are the distributor and leads, fuel filter/pipe/carburettor and Lockheed brake reservoir.  The wheels appear to be the Bibendum Rudge type having the original rolled rims.