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Title: Fulvias racing – Silverstone today
Post by: ColinMarr on 17 October, 2009, 08:36:38 PM
Another great day of historic racing – what good fortune for the few of us that went to Silverstone to see it all!

The 70’s Road Sports race had four Fulvias racing – two 1600s in Class D1 and two 1300s in Class E. Ken Rorrison’s Coupe took the class lead over Alex Child’s Sport in the first lap and then fell away with progressive misfire problems – leaving Alex to lead and win the class for 2009, with Ken as second in class. Stuart Downward in his 1300 Coupe did well to finish - Carl Oldfield’s 1300 fell by the wayside near the end and they both looked beautiful.

The following snaps don’t do justice, but they serve as a reminder. In order they should be: Ken Rorrison’s Coupe leads into Luffield at the end of lap 1 - Alex Child’s Sport gets the better on the second lap – Alex goes on with the inside rear wheel lifting into the corner.