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Title: Fulvia Zagato Sport Resin Model
Post by: Zagato on 13 October, 2009, 10:37:51 AM
Some good news ... for any model car collectors out there ..

There is a new model of the Fulvia Zagato Sport about to be released.
Its in Rally Isola D'Elba 1968 trim
I believe its a 1/43rd resin model kit (ie to be built by yourself) ... it should be a good quality model

I use grand prix models (, phone number 01295 278070) who think that they should be available soon ... on saying that, the model world have been known to miss deadlines/launches by months ... so no promises!   

Grand Prix models reference number for it is EMB020

One word of warning - the Grand Prix Models website says it is a Fulvia Zagato Coupe - dont worry it is a Zagato - I have checked it out with them via email and also on Emmebi's website (there is a picture on the Emmebi site). I'm hoping they will change the description soon!

For Zagato fans out there its nice to see someone making a kit again ...

Hope this helps

PS No, I'm not on commission if anyone asks .. I do like to keep models of cars I have owned and have spent countless hours looking for a good quality model of a Zagato Sport!