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Title: 2 Fulvia Coupes for sale in Scotland
Post by: A1.6HPE on 24 August, 2009, 09:50:32 PM
A chap approached me at a recent show saying he had 2 Fulvia Coupes and a Beta VX engine and transmission for sale.
1 - Very tidy standard S3 Fulvia Coupe (red, lhd)
2 - Dismantled S2 rally car, used to compete in the Montecarlo Historique a few years ago. Some new parts for the rebuild.

I understand that the plan was to use the good car as the basis for a very tidy rally car but the owner lost interest or ran out of funds.  The current owner is not the rally enthusiast and I suspect he knows less about the history than I do. The rally enthusiast was a short term LMC member.
Prices in the region: 4-5000 for the S3, 3-4000 for the rally car including new bits.
Contact me on  lancia AT  for seller's contact details and photos. Serious enquiries only please. The cars are in Scotland, near Bathgate.

Beta VX details in spares for sale thread.

Leo Capaldi