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Title: Don Cross Appia PF Restoration
Post by: fay66 on 05 August, 2009, 06:06:26 PM
We went up to Don and Margaret's on monday as I was after a few bits of crash padding off of his Fulvia Series 2 Berlina spares car.

While there I had a good look at the beautiful job Don is making of the restoration of his Appia PF; Don was telling me that the boot lid came from South Africa only to find when he tried to fit it that it was too wide & too short ??? he finished up having to cut a bit out the width and add a large piece to the length! what was staggering was the sheer weight of the boot lid, the framework might have had lightening holes added? if that's not a contradiction, but they hadn't made much difference.

With the interior stripped out it was easy to see where the saloon body had been cut off at the pillars and the PF bit added, you could also see where the front seat support x member had been cut off and moved backwards, once trimmed it was obviously hidden, but I was a bit surprised at how crude the work was in some ways.
Anyway Don has given me permission to post the photos I took, so here they are.

Don also showed me the Appia consortium spares set up, if you've got an Appia and you don't belong to the Consortium, and you haven't got your own source of spares, then I'd say your missing a trick ;D
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