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Title: thankyou john turner!!!
Post by: chugga boom on 15 March, 2009, 06:23:01 PM
had a trip to london at the weekend to visit my uncle for his 60th birthday bash, cracking night well worth the trip, anyway we left unusually sunny wrexham at about 11.30 am and arrived at london to meet my father at about 2.30pm, my dad had arranged to meet john so we could go and have a look at his augusta while the women were gettin their hair done ;D (GREAT THINKING ON HIS BEHALF),  anyway we were standing waiting for john unsure of what vehicle he would be in and low and behold a LAMBDA arrives!!!! I was absolutly landed!!!! i have vague memories of riding in the back of norman stuarts and don williamsons lambdas at a very young age but this was all before i became infected with the lancia bug we are all infected with, what an amazing car!!! the noise the way it went in a straight line and especially corners absolutly mind blowing for an 80yr old car!!!
I always look forward to going out with my uncle as its always a good venue but my highlight was the lambda this weekend, think my girlfriend is sick of hearing about it now but she will admit to also enjoying going for a ride in it too, keep up the good work on your projects both myself and dad were very impressed + it gave us some good conversation for the rest of the weekend, thanks jp

Title: Re: thankyou john turner!!!
Post by: davidwheeler on 18 March, 2009, 09:55:43 PM
Aye, well, Gussies are great but Lambdas are better!

Title: Re: thankyou john turner!!!
Post by: ColinMarr on 19 March, 2009, 08:39:07 AM
Well, they are all great, but I reckon Aprilias are best of all!


Title: Re: thankyou john turner!!!
Post by: chugga boom on 20 March, 2009, 11:22:47 AM
concidering between myself and father we own 3 aprilia's i've never been in 1 yet!!!, i think its all called progresion, apparently my fathers astura is nicer to drive than a lambda (i cant personally comment as i havent driven a lambda)

Title: Re: thankyou john turner!!!
Post by: donw on 21 March, 2009, 12:20:45 PM
Gussies/Belnas are great fun if a little slower than Aprilias (which are a bit modern!). The Artena is stately but good for long distances, never driven an Astura but Lambda is better than any of the others I have driven.  I remember trying to follow John Maltby in his Lambda accros country and having great difficulty keeping up in a Fulvia coupe.

However for a real driving challenge try a Theta at least three hands are esential for steering changing gear and braking all at the same time and everything seems to work much more slowly except your speed.


Title: Re: thankyou john turner!!!
Post by: Scarpia on 22 March, 2009, 02:28:06 PM
I guess it depends on one's idea of "better" but taste changes towards older models as you age yourself I find.

perhaps we can settle on "all Lancias are equal, but some are a little more equal than others" ....?

It feels strange when I jump out of an everyday car into the Aprilia to then hear it described as "modern" but as soon as you drive it you known what is meant.... :)

I suspect the aprilia is the best Lancia if you consider it in terms of design criteria, and end result.... I guess the lambda is in terms of total ownership experience...(I would like both)