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Title: CV joints ... and tyres
Post by: Scott on 28 October, 2008, 12:29:47 PM

I've just taken my Fulvia for an MOT. It has passed but I have a couple of advisory notices.

One of these is on a CV joint. It has a very small hole in. I do not relish replacing a CV joint as it looks to be quite a time consuming job! Can anyone offer any suggestions?!

Also I have a couple of ropey tyres coming to the end of their useful life. Do any of you have a favoured make? I have a fair mix on the car at the moment - Dunlop, Michelin and Hancook. Probably worth getting four the same!  ::)

Many thanks.

Title: Re: CV joints ... and tyres
Post by: ncundy on 28 October, 2008, 12:57:08 PM
Which CV joint is it, inner or outer? The inners are easier to replace than outers. The outers really require the shaft to be removed which requires the hub nuts to be taken off. It may be possible to do from the gearbox end if there is enough room to get the boot retaining clip on with the inner hub in the way, you will have to look.

But I wouldn't advise leaving it for any length of time or treating a "repair" as a long term solution. If you don't repair the hole you will eventually wear the inner workings of the joint (quickly once grit gets in there and grease gets out) and be left with replacing the shaft anyway.

A good way to do it may be to buy a couple of second hand shafts, restore them on the bench (clean, new boots, c-clips and ties) and then take them and car to a specialist to fit. They aren't difficult to do, and I don't think s2 driveshafts will be expensive. There's a pair on Ebay for 50 at the connection with etcetc  ;)

As a temporary repair (and it would only be that) you could try putting a bicycle tyre repair patch on it, don't know if it will work but it's the only thing I can think of.

Title: Re: CV joints ... and tyres
Post by: Dilambdaman on 28 October, 2008, 10:35:34 PM
If the hole is not too large Super Glue can make a very good temporary repair in my experience. However, replacement is the best option.


Title: Re: CV joints ... and tyres
Post by: davidwheeler on 15 December, 2008, 05:19:51 PM
If kept lubricated and protected, Fulvia c.v. joints do not wear out.  Boots, circlips and special tools are all available from Omicron.  Don't try to remove the hub without the special tool and it is as well to replace the nut also.  They will hire you the tool but I have bought one cos it fits the Aprilia as well and one can never have too many tools... Unfortunately the tool for the rear hub is different but you will need it to sort out the handbrake eventually.  With the tools it is not difficult.  I don't know how far you would have to look for a Fulvia specialist but no ordinary garage will be able to do the job and they will certainly charge you far more than the cost of the tools.
The circlip retains the outer end of the shaft in the c.v. joint.  If it is not there or is loose it causes a mysterious knock.

Title: Re: CV joints ... and tyres
Post by: lancialulu on 16 December, 2008, 10:29:15 PM

I agree with David. It is a diy possible job with the right tools but be prepared to fight the hub nut off if it hasnt come off in a while. I length of scaffold pipe may be handy but dont shear the hub nut tool as I did the first time! Series one was more tricky than series 2 / 3.


Title: Re: CV joints ... and tyres
Post by: Philm on 17 December, 2008, 10:26:10 PM
If it has been listed as 'advisory' then it should be the inner sliding joint. It is an automatic failure if the outer constant velocity joint has a damaged boot.

Title: Re: CV joints ... and tyres
Post by: Richard Fridd on 18 December, 2008, 04:42:11 PM
is that because any grease escaping may lube the brake disc etc?

Title: Re: CV joints ... and tyres
Post by: lancialulu on 18 December, 2008, 07:10:27 PM
My MOT station gave me an advisory on outers due to pin hole, which I tried to seal with superglue as a temporary measure but viton or whatever rubber used for the boots really doesnt let the super glue grip and is non flexing so 9 months later decided after reappearance of leaking grease to replace.

iIt is a really good plan to have spare shafts refurbed at leisure as the "job" becomes a relatively quick swop with further leisure afterwards!


Title: Re: CV joints ... and tyres
Post by: Chris5090 on 18 December, 2008, 08:05:51 PM
Yes the reason that the Outer CV Gaiter is a failure but the inner is not is because of the risk of grease on the brake discs. I have seen it many times, and usually shows as a Brake Imbalance on the rolling road.

The size of the hole should not matter, an insecure gaiter, a gaiter with a leaking grease (so any hole) or even a badly deteriorated gaiter (so not leaking but perrished) are all reasons for failure