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Title: Lancia Fulvia Retrim
Post by: MartynT on 01 November, 2023, 12:54:04 PM
Hi All,

I will be doing a full interior strip on my 1972 Fulvia S2 HF Coupe including new headlining with the seats, door cards etc going to Brian Cates for retrimming & I'm hoping I can get some guidance on the following points;

1) The floor pan section that surrounds the handbrake is currently exposed black painted metal - I assume this as per original design & is uncarpeted?  If that is the case then was this piece of floor pan painted in a matt black paint?
2) I currently have some really tatty British Leyland(!?) non inertia real seatbelts that I will look to change.  Is it acceptable to replace with inertia reel belts as replacements or would this detract from authenticity? 
3) I am also going to refurb the dash as the current vinyl dash top is split. while I am doing this I'll look to make some repairs top faulty switches & replace the dial lamps as they are really dim - are there any other modifications etc that I need to consider while I have the dash out?

If there are any other hints. tips, advice members can offer it would be highly appreciated.


Title: Re: Lancia Fulvia Retrim
Post by: HBG on 01 November, 2023, 07:42:13 PM
Hi Martyn.

As part of my work to make my Fulvia the best it can be for using, I've done a couple of things that could provide an answer to your questions.

I bought some automotive carpet to make some properly fitting overmats, and with an off cut made a tight fitting piece to cover the metal (which was body colour) between the hand brake and the seatbelt stalks.

I also replaced the original static belts with recoil. I bought the belts from a place in Essex at a very reasonable price and fitted them myself into the void behind the rear side panels. I had to carefully cut a slot in the side panels for the belt to exit. I'll try and find some pics. I found the static belts had to be loose to reach the choke or the radio and didn't feel they would protect me. I've kept the originals....but am never likely to use them again.

Title: Re: Lancia Fulvia Retrim
Post by: HBG on 01 November, 2023, 07:44:42 PM
I wasn't happy as the red belts didn't quite retract enough as they were long. I replaced them with slightly shorter black belts.

The red ones are available if you want them?

Title: Re: Lancia Fulvia Retrim
Post by: frankxhv773t on 02 November, 2023, 10:48:26 AM
I've used It's a one man band who assembles belts from scratch with a wide range of colours and fittings. He remade my belts with the original buckles and even offered to include in the original manufacturer's label from my old belts for authenticity.

Title: Re: Lancia Fulvia Retrim
Post by: MartynT on 03 November, 2023, 09:15:45 AM
Thanks for the comments so far guys.