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Title: Thema series 3 turbo exhaust back box wanted
Post by: Colin on 06 January, 2022, 02:06:44 PM
Having booked GNW thought had better put Thema in for an MOT with a view to getting it ready to go- and of course it needs a back exhaust box....

Looking on ebay was thinking that exhausts for late model series 3 Turbo-205 bhp-might be problematic and indeed only seems now to be one UK based supplier who  confirmed only list one for Series 2.

Generally all the Italian/German based suppliers that have used in the past no longer seem to be listing on ebay uk post Brexit....not sure if that means will no longer supply to UK but fear it might be the case.....

Does anyone know of any UK based supplier that might be able to help?

Alternatively have been told series 2 back box might/could be adapted to fit?

If not got very good firm in Falkirk to make up a stainless system for my Delta 3 Limited recently which have been very pleased with so no doubt can go down that rather more expensive route....