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Title: Gearbox removal advice
Post by: jus on 05 October, 2021, 09:15:20 PM
Hi all.
Just after a bit of advice regarding gearbox removal. Ideally, I would like to take the box out without removing too much else. This is a S1 HF with a 630 box that has straight cut gears, and is currently geared very low.

I'm hoping to swap out the final drive from a donor box, because as it is, the car does around 10mph per 1k rpm in 5th, which makes it pretty tough to take any distance. I intend keeping the current box in because I know it's all good, but just want to alter the final gearing. A part of the case has a big graze and leaks a bit of oil, so I want to change that as well.

The donor box is of the same type (a 630), but had a rusted input shaft that didn't move. It may be that I can't use the internals, but the case would still be worth having.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Of course, I could get it done - but I prefer to do things myself if possible.

I've had a look around the forum, but if I've missed the relevant information - please point me in the general direction.


Title: Re: Gearbox removal advice
Post by: lancialulu on 06 October, 2021, 06:37:34 AM
You can remove the gearbox leaving the engine in place. Either on a ramp with a transmission jack or on very high axle stands (my preferred method if honest) and a 2ton trolley jack with a transmission cradle). You will need another jack to support the engine while gearbox is removed/out. A 4 post lift is in some respects easier to do this work than a 2 post from my experience with Fulvia layout.

One thing to remember is to do all the engine bay work before the car goes in the air! You will have to remove the exhaust manifold and down pipe….

Title: Re: Gearbox removal advice
Post by: jus on 06 October, 2021, 11:02:41 AM
Thanks Tim.
I do have a 4-post but I need a transmission jack by the sounds of it. I keep meaning to get one anyway. The lift has a rolling jack which will hopefully do for the engine support.
I think I've seen some posts on gearbox stripping down - so I'll have a good look at anything I can find before taking one apart - but at least I have this donor box to take apart first. I guess the boxes are relatively similar across the various models?