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Title: steering column spring fulvia series 3
Post by: Oliveoils on 01 October, 2021, 06:04:18 PM
Hi Guys
Got a strange issue with steering. Everthing seems in good order , but....  dismantling the column revealed that there is a spring at the base which loads the bottom taper  bearing in the column and this is broken! The bearing is fine but without being loaded by the spring it is making the steering sloppy. This is not an off the shelf part, and I have been told it rarely if ever fails, so I need to track down a replacement.
Has anybody out there got one in there box's of bits, they would be prepared to sell in order to get me out of a fix?
I have attached a schematic of the steering from the manual and for guidence, and it is item 15 that is required.
Any help would be much appreciated