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Title: Rear leaf springs for Flavia 2000 Coupe 1970
Post by: markinnes on 13 September, 2021, 10:36:17 PM
I need replacement Rear leaf springs for my Flavia 2000 Coupe 1970. It seems my best hope for new replacements would be Midland Springs, but they are asking for a spring to use as a template. Mine are not suitable, as it looks to me as if a leaf or two leaves have been cut through to lower the car
  • , and the spring re-assembled and taped - so I can't trust the camber to be right, and they might not even have the right number of leaves.

I have found technical info, so can give Midland Springs the camber, the deflection under load, the 5 cm spring width, 30 mm eye I.D. But can any-one tell me the correct number of leaves [looks like 6 number in the Parts catalogue], and the thickness of each leaf? Or even better, lend me a spring for a template [I'll pay carriage and return of course]

Or recommend any-where else to get new built or OE spare or reasonable second-hand?

Many thanks, Mark I

PS * A later owner, to compensate, had added additional coil springs on top of the leaf springs. Not flat helper-springs, but coil-over springs that were far too stiff, giving a very high tail and a wobbly ride cornering. The up-side was that removal required only a gentle tug!