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Title: Appia coupe Motto
Post by: eog on 01 September, 2021, 09:50:38 AM
One of only 10?

Title: Re: Appia coupe Motto
Post by: mikeC on 02 September, 2021, 07:33:45 AM
My research has suggested that there was a production run of about ten cars, plus the original 1956 prototype, but there have also been suggestions that there may have been as many as 25. Either way, this American car is most probably the only survivor. It is in fact a 1958 Series 2, so theoretically not Mille Miglia eligible, but no doubt the organisers would look kindly on an entry!

Edit: I should have read the link carefully! I see the car advertised is 812.01-1031 with a long-term northern Italian history, in which case it's not the car that I have on record (and therefor may well be a 1957 car). I have details of 812.01-1049 which sold on Bring a Trailer probably fifteen or even twenty years ago; at that time the seller was in, I think, Arizona (may have been Texas) and clearly that was not this car, which means there are at least two survivors!