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Title: Lancia in F1
Post by: ncundy on 20 May, 2008, 07:58:51 AM
A bit old hat as it has been doing the rounds on various news sites for a couple of weeks or so; Lancia to  buy STR and return to F1 ??

There is a thread on ten-tenths ( with a bit of discussion.

At least the younger members amoungst us will be able to witness first hand the third collapse of Lancia should it go ahead ( the older members having already witnessed the second .........and maybe the first  ;D).

Title: Re: Lancia in F1
Post by: Scarpia on 20 May, 2008, 01:43:13 PM
not if they award points for proceeding with style instead of just speed...

Title: Scuderia Lancia F1
Post by: lee69 on 20 May, 2008, 07:04:15 PM
Some interesting comments on those forums you've provided links to Neil.  If there's an ounce in truth in the 'story' (and it not being a ruse by Mr Ecclestone to start a bidding war) should we be excited about it?  I'm not a huge fan of F1, A1GP is more interesting to be honest and there are plenty of other forms of motorsport that are less corporate and more watchable.

But I can see some benefit in Fiat investing in a junior team to supplement Ferrari.  The rules on 'customer teams' are changing in 2010 and this may be a way for Fiat to ensure that they have a training team for their next generation Ferrari drivers.

The comparison with Honda is interesting.  Of all the mainstream manufacturer teams (Renault, Toyota, BMW etc) I think Honda exploit their F1 connection well and subsequently derive some kudos in the showroom.  Thinking about their road car range, they have a similar(ish) portfolio to Lancia and unlike the other F1 car brands have a motorsport 'story' to tell.  Look at their ads. Lancia will only benefit from F1 involvement if they successfully get their 'story' across, capturing the imagination and playing to the emotions of the car buying public - after all they do have an F1 and motorsport history to shout about. 

I can see it now - the pit lane at Monaco:  the drivers (at least one Italian - Massa after Alonso takes his place?) riding around on Lancia branded bikes, driving around in the the new Lancia 'Topolino' city car (like Maclaren drivers in their smarts), the corporate guests enjoying hospitality in the Lancia Lounge - a bit of Lancia style back in F1 and of course they'll have the best pit babes.  Here's hoping we might even see some Martini stripes back on a Lancia.  I doubt if we'll see one with Alitalia livery as I think Alitalia will be a distant memory by then.

It also means that we'll have somewhere else to end our continental roadtrips - Faenza, STR's HQ.  Will we get concessions through dealers for Silverstone I wonder?

Just thinking......