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Title: Events 2021 - Guide to recording them on the forum
Post by: sparehead3 on 29 December, 2020, 02:47:49 PM
The current list of events with the latest car pictures - all ready to go on the workshop wall !

A3 PDF is :

JPG (desktop wallpaper) :

Don't forget, these are updated every hour or so with updates to the year's events and also include the latest pictures ie: any uploaded car pictures from members in the club database at

Brief Guide to Recording Events :

  • Create a new Topic for your Event
  • Make sure the Subject Field reflects the name of the event and if possible put dates on the Subject Field
  • In the message field make sure you include information from the organiser , website, fees and links to club discounts ( which we put in the members information folder separately )
  • If you need to correct anything or receive updates from the event organiser please correct the first message on the thread so it's easy to see the latest information ( not buried down the thread somewhere )
  • New events will be picked by Admins and entered into the Members Database - from there they will appear on the website, the planner ( link above ) AND will be emailed to VL! so that they can be put into the Upcoming Events section there.
  • Events are not deleted ( either on the forum on in the database ) , they remain to record the history of the club.
  • Remember that this Events folder is free for the public to see
  • "Local Events" - eg: regional meetings can go in the "Local Events" folder if you wish to avoid then in general events getting lost.