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Title: Fulvia engine height
Post by: simonpen on 21 November, 2020, 06:49:13 PM
We have recently re-fitted the engine in my S1 Coupe using new engine mounts. I trial fitted the manifold and carbs (45 DHLA) and the bonnet would not close. Fair enough I thought but I noticed that the thermostat housing was about 5 centimetres above the top radiator outlet and looking at the engine it looked to have a pretty steep incline toward the front. I thought there might be a clearance problem with the carbs but my problem seems extreme. I have for now 'solved' the problem by cutting down the upper rubbers by quite a lot but I am not happy with having to do it. Is this anyone else has come across? Perhaps  the mounts settle after a while but not by the amount I have cut out of them. I am now left with not much more than 1 centimetre of rubber in the top mounts and worry that it is not enough.

Title: Re: Fulvia engine height
Post by: my69S1 on 21 November, 2020, 07:14:33 PM
It seems to me you shouldn't need to cut anything to have everything fit.  They aren't going to make engine mounts that you have to then cut to get things to fit.  Something did not go back in correctly.  Do you have any pictures of the engine bay with the old mounts, even just across the top. Then you can see if it is just the front that is too high or the whole engine.  My car isn't here at the moment so I can't have a look or take any measurements.  Your best bet is to look at old pictures you hopefully have so you can compare pre and post engine mount refit.

Title: Re: Fulvia engine height
Post by: lancialulu on 21 November, 2020, 09:00:48 PM
My 1600 has twin dellorto 45ís and bonnet has c10mm clearance when closed.

Title: Re: Fulvia engine height
Post by: GG on 22 November, 2020, 01:41:58 PM
1600 is a wee bit taller than 1300.