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Title: Aprilia headlights
Post by: welleyes on 17 August, 2020, 08:10:27 PM
Although our Aprilia is running well, we still find evidence of bodges by people who have worked on it before our ownership. This time, it is the headlights. The fixing at the bottom of the rims is mangled on both lights and one of the female threads is stripped. Presumably the reflectors and rims are common to other cars. That should have been a question, really; are the parts peculiar to the Aprilia or will rims from something else fit?

Does anyone have any useable spares?

Stuart Tallack

Title: Re: Aprilia headlights
Post by: simonandjuliet on 18 August, 2020, 07:14:37 AM
Aprilia headlights have lots of subtleties - one rim doesn't fit another lens, that lens doesn't fit that parabol and the mounting can be different, plus the bulb holders may be different

That's before you include the "Ardennes" !

Hence the number of bodges

I have been through the (lengthy) process of compiling a pair for the Cabrio and have quite a few variations that I can look at and measure if anyone has any specific requests. I don't have any available parts, but very happy send dimensions and photos if it helps