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Title: Flavia 1800 P/F Coupe
Post by: higgsy 45 on 03 July, 2020, 12:51:04 PM
Just looking at the chain about windscreen wipers set me off on this one. While my car was at home star gazing waiting for my front calipers to be returned I thought I should try a couple of electrical update mods;
  Fit Hazard light system
  Fit intermittent wipe control

The first was easy I bought a package from AES designed to operate LED indicators, whilst it isn't yet fitted it is an easy one as it just needs 12 volts in and two wires can be run straight to the outgoing indicator circuit terminals at the end of the fuse box so no cutting in required. It was about 28 complete with wiring diagram.

The second is a bit of a challenge I started off using a lovely old American unit by Zemco it has anon/off slider and time slider slider (in the box basically a timer circuit switching a change over relay) It would work as I expected by feeding 12 volts in and the start pulses being fed to the 12v outlet side of the wiper switch. But when it sent the pulse to the wiper motor it drew a huge current (ammeter on stop and ignition light dimming) for a fraction of a second then dropped for the rest of the power pulse. Obviously not good. I got the relay off the pcb and bought and hard wired new larger relay but exactly the same result. I tried different arrangements to no avail so decided there was an internal problem??? I found a modern time delay unit and connected it in the same way, exactly the same result so have tried all sorts of changes to the connections but just don't seem to be able to crack the problem.

I bought a small box to install both units under the dash so nothing fitted yet

Has anyone fitted a similar delay unit if so how did you connect it?  I have tried not to dismount the wiper motor but my wiring connections and colours are exactly as the 815/330 diagram and chassis number fits the listings

Thanks. Dale