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Title: Classic Car Mart
Post by: Dilambdaman on 01 March, 2008, 11:41:35 AM

Well, well, well, a motoring journalist encouraging the purchase of an Italian classic car and being particularly complimentary about Lancia. Hooray! for Paul Guinness.

An enforced stay in hospital this week saw me perusing the magazine stand for something to pass the time. The April Classic Car Mart (am I the only one baffled as to why the April edition is on sale in February?) caught my eye, particularly the feature 'Buying an Italian classic?'

Ignoring exotica and concentrating on Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia, Paul made a very good case for buying an Italian classic saying particularly nice things about Lancia. Pictures of Fulvia and Beta coupe in the preamble and then placing Beta saloon and Integrale in his top five. Of course the R word got a mention but he dealt with it constructively pointing out that the problem was by no means restricted to one make and model.

Beta saloon - Why you should buy one: 'One of the most interesting family saloons of its generation and now a terrific buy'

Integrale - Why you should buy one: 'It's an all time rallying legend that's also a world-beating road car.'

Ownership: 'It's all about fun. Enjoyment. Charisma. Character. Thrills. Individuality. Imagination. And a whole lot more besides'.

Like I said 'Hooray! for Paul Guinness'


Title: Re: Classic Car Mart
Post by: inthedark on 01 March, 2008, 04:33:41 PM
Gob-smacked, I shall have to obtain a copy

Title: Re: Classic Car Mart
Post by: Scarpia on 01 March, 2008, 04:55:38 PM
Haven't seen it but is there not the faintest chance that it was last April's (2007) copy.......?

for anyone keen on investments I have a copy of next weeks financial times....... ;)