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Title: Track Evening Brands Hatch - 27 August - 96 Club and select Lancia lovers
Post by: ColinMarr on 13 August, 2019, 05:01:41 PM
My friend and fellow Lancia devotee has asked me to make this post:

Following the great success of our June Track Evening, I have booked the Indy circuit at Brands Hatch exclusively for 96 Club members and select marques - at the last one we had the Fulvia 1600 HF of Tim Heath who had a great time, an original Team Lotus X1, two 1960s Abarth Fiats, various Porsches old and new, and a Project 8 SVR Jaguar, a Triumph Vitesse and a Unipower GT - have you seen one of those before!?

There were no more than 6 cars on the track at any one time and no mishaps, excellent driving and some very quick laps.

Here are some comments from particpants: 'fabulous to see the Lotus team car of Paul Alexander out on the track', 'the right crowd and no crowding', 'lovely relaxed event with no cars buzzing me', 'fantastic instruction from the very skilled Kevin Haggarthy', 'I felt like I had the whole circuit to myself', It was the first trackday I had ever attended and I enjoyed a great deal. It very much felt like a group of friends that had met up at the circuit for the evening'.

I had organised to have a rising scale of cost for the previous events but this did not work so well so the event on 27 August will be a fixed fee of 199, extra drivers are just 30 each, passengers 10 - passengers can get lots of rides in some very quick cars.

Yes, before the moaners say you can go on a track for less, that is true. And you will be with very mixed cars (VW Golfs, Honda Civic Type Rs, too many Caterhams) all buzzing you or holding you up. Also we have expert instructors who understand older vehicles and drivers of all abilities. Email me to join:

Title: Re: Track Evening Brands Hatch - 27 August - 96 Club and select Lancia lovers
Post by: lancialulu on 13 August, 2019, 05:17:51 PM
It is a great evening (assuming weather permitting)

I could have driven non stop. I was not the fastest car by any means but great fun, and much more technical than say goodwood.

Sorry cannot make this one though.