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Title: 96 Club - 2nd Track Day on Tuesday 2nd July at Brands Hatch
Post by: ColinMarr on 14 June, 2019, 08:37:17 PM
My friend Simon prompts me to make this post:

Once again
Tuesday, 2nd July

Our first Track Day of 2019 was held on Monday, 13th May.  It was hugely enjoyed by everyone who attended and we have had great feedback from everyone; 'fabulous to see the Lotus team car of Paul Alexander out on the track', 'the right crowd and no crowding', 'lovely relaxed event with no cars buzzing me', 'fantastic instruction from the very skilled Kevin Haggarthy', 'I felt like I had the whole circuit to myself' were just some of comments we received.
As many of you know Kevin Haggarthy was our informal instructor, his skill in teaching and patience, and his kindness in bringing the fabulous Barnet and Southgate College Renault Clio along was really appreciated.

We do not have to have the customary restricted sessions of 15 minutes each that you get at 'open' track days; with the 96 Club you can go on the track as much as you like and for as long as you like!

You will have the opportunity to test your car's and your performance and skill with like-minded club members - no unsporting drivers to get in your way or pressure you and overtake inconsiderately etc.

You will be offered lots of help and advice, including informal (and formal for a small fee) instruction from our experienced race drivers and instructors.

As many of you requested, we decided to organise the SECOND TRACK DAY on July 2nd, but so far not enough people have registered and paid for this event. This is most disappointing.

We have taken the decision that if we do not get more people taking up this offer by 6pm on Tuesday, 18th June we will have to cancel this event and probably will not bother to organise any more.

Please contact Simon as soon as possible.
07896 921 115