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Title: Aurelia 2 x Weber 40DCL NARDI kit complete ++
Post by: chriswgawne on 05 March, 2019, 09:23:57 AM
I have the following NARDI kit available:

2 x Weber 40DCL (the light ones) complete, fully rebuilt and refurbished with new shafts, butterflies etc where necessary.
2 x new unused replica NARDI inlet manifolds (no corrosion issues as unused)
1 x new unused replica NARDI bridging manifold (again with no corrosion issues as unused).
1 x original period NARDI air box

The kit comes complete with all gaskets, phenolic insulating spacers, original connecting pipe and connecting throttle linkage including linkage + bracket at rear to connect to operating arm on the bulkhead.

Not cheap I am afraid and in increasingly short supply because the supply of carburettors is v limited with a healthy demand from the Ferrari fraternity.

If not sold through the LMC Forum within 4 weeks or so I will advertise this elsewhere or possibly sell it to a trader for resale.

I also have a couple of rebuilt complete Weber 40DC type carbs available and a few Solex 30AAI carbs, a couple of which seem to be  new and unused.