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Title: Hub caps and front springs
Post by: Jon Radgick on 27 February, 2019, 11:33:10 AM
This is my first post on this forum, I bought a Belna a couple of years ago from Italy and have had plenty of fun and games getting it sorted, I think we are nearly there now. I have rebuilt the engine, welded the underside, rebuilt the water pump, fixed the starter motor, reupholstered the front seats, had all the instruments rebuilt, gone through all the wiring making the connections properly etc etc. Poor photo attached, it is just at the paint shop now getting some small areas rectified, and with luck and a following wind we should be using it as soon as the salt is off the roads in a month or two.
To the point of this post, in the course of all that I couldn't find replacement front springs so I had a batch made. I assume but don't actually know that they would be the same for the Augusta as the Belna. Anyone confirm or deny that? Morris Parry thinks they would be the same. If anyone needs a pair of springs or wants to put a set on the shelf they are available at cost, I think I have eight or nine sets left at 80 per pair incl postage within UK.  I also had to have some hub caps made, pic attached because I understand that not all Belna's have the same item. Mine were very thin and beyond repair, so I have had this set made in thicker metal, it is a lovely job. I have one set left available at 160 for a set of four including UK postage. They are not chromed. Message me if you are interested.

Title: Re: Hub caps and front springs
Post by: Raahauge on 27 February, 2019, 09:24:06 PM
Good to hear of another car nearing completion, I am a still couple of months away on mine I think.
I am interested in a set of front springs, easiest for me is to send the money direct.
If that is OK please mail me at  with the details.
Best regards. Mike