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Title: Fulvia spares
Post by: Jai Sharma on 06 February, 2008, 10:20:11 PM
Hi Everybody,

I am selling off a number of my Fulvia spares. I will try to make a list, but it will be rather long......
I have no Zagato bits. Most of the bits are from S2 1.6 HF, some from S2/3 1.3

To get the ball rolling I have at least the following-

Steel doors
Ali bonnet (badly made reproduction!)

Bumper rear
Bumper front
Headlight pods & rims
Brake master cylinder bodies

Remote gearlever shaft

Box of locks

Pedal box
Heater box

Anti-roll bars f & r

Engine & gearbox & subframe mounts
Indicator stalks

Rear lights
Glovebox lids
Chrome trim
Front upper wishbones ( one new one secondhand)
Rear axle
Old callipers

I have already listed some bits on ebay with more to follow.

Jai Sharma

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: peterbaker on 07 February, 2008, 08:36:37 PM
I wonder if these parts will also be offered in V/L. The majority of members, who we know do not read the forum will of course have no chance of purchase before e-bay buyers who will probably not be club members. Sad really. Comments?

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: Jai Sharma on 07 February, 2008, 09:47:19 PM

I am happy to comment, but I am not sure what your point is?
If you could explain a bit further then I'd be happy to comment.



Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: Scarpia on 07 February, 2008, 10:28:07 PM
I suspect most people who are interested enought to buy their fulvia spares on e bay are well aware there is a lancia club.In that case they are enthusiastic enough about Lancia to either be club members (or have chosen not to be....)
Either way the parts are probably ending up with fulvia owners which is what matters.

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: inthedark on 07 February, 2008, 10:59:29 PM
I think Peters point is that a lot of people do not use the internet at all and as such an advert in
VivaLancia ahead of the e-bay listing would have been nice.


Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: fay66 on 07 February, 2008, 11:14:23 PM
I think Peters point is that a lot of people do not use the internet at all and as such an advert in
VivaLancia ahead of the e-bay listing would have been nice.


Hi colonel (note small c) If Jai's storage space is anything like mine you just can't wait for the time it takes to list them in "Viva Lancia", sad though that may be. :'(
8227 8)

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: inthedark on 08 February, 2008, 06:16:23 PM
Good point, as usual, Brian.


Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: peterbaker on 08 February, 2008, 08:36:49 PM
Hi all, the point I was trying to make is that V/L has been replaced as the excepted sales platform for Lancia spares and the majority (80%?) of club members who for one reason or another dont come into the forum will miss out. Easy inter-exchange of spares is an inherent function of LMC membership and a main reason for belonging. Is there an answer?   

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: Scarpia on 08 February, 2008, 08:52:45 PM
It used to be the case that the first thing i looked at when the VL arrived was "cars and spares" for sale.
Its just that since the internet has really taken off for us ordinary mortals in the last few years, the free ads in newspapers and VL have become a bit redundant. To be fair, even long ago it was often that the interesting cars or spares were already sold before the magazine had arrived due to "insider trading" and word of mouth...In fact I never bought a car or spares that I can recall as a result of an ad in VL.Not a conscious act, it's just that the right things mostly come up via other sources.

Despite this change in emphasis, I still wish to belong as a member and still enjoy my VL for the rest of the content .January (2007) issue was particularly good I felt.(Got febs today but haven't looked at it yet) can't get of this bloody forum....

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: peterbaker on 08 February, 2008, 10:31:03 PM
Ha. I have purchased at least two Gammas thro the mag, a Fulvia sedan from Jonathan Aylett and a second series Coupe from the Rudlers thro V/L. Also my 1st series Sport from David Higgens. You see what I mean about getting to know members. The Appia came from Julian Fall and my best supplier of spares for the 2C has been Brian. If I buy outside the club its just not the same. I have purchased a subframe, roll cage and a spare engine thro V/L and er, Gamma headlamps and a clock for my Y10, donated like my 2C steering wheel at no cost. Then there were the alloys, wood rim and a pair of alloy doors for my rally 1.6 Fulvia. Member helping member. Also I purchased a complete run of Car magazine (buyer to collect) and several Lancia Journals from Alan Fairclough. I found Peter Gerrish thro the mag and Don with his consortium.

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: Scarpia on 09 February, 2008, 09:06:58 AM
Peter built a fulvia engine for me too in the dim and distant past and of course for the contacts in the Lancia network the mag is important if your new to the scene. But like it or not buying and selling is quicker on the internet as is the exchange of information on any subject.I doesn't replace the point of the magazine or the reason for being a member though which you seemed to call into question. Exchange of spares can happen through many routes but will always be slow and unwieldy if you try and do it through VL. I suggested a long time ago a sort of "swap shop" or "on line inventory" that we could all plug our spares into.(we all have things lying in the garage sometimes from cars we don't even own any more).This sort of scheme would help more people more quickly if it took off than an odd advert in VL ever can.

Just look at our capacity on here to spot Lancia E bay listings. Items are mentioned every day nearly. It's not only about pooling the little that we have in club circles, its the other way around. Its about gathering what is out there in the rest of the world that isn't on this forum,or being advertised in VL.The world is full of unexpected finds particularly outside the UK that only the internet has really made visible to members. You cannot turn the clock back and why would we want to ?

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: peterbaker on 09 February, 2008, 10:38:30 AM
Sorry if I gave the wrong impression, more I was mourning the passing of a tradition.

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: Jai Sharma on 09 February, 2008, 10:53:01 AM
Like Scarpia, the first bit I used to look for in VL was the cars and spares for sale section, and I have the full garage/lock up/loft/cellar etc as a result! Brian is quite right that space is a factor, although it does all fit at least, and my new racer is at the reassembling stage so the pressure on space is receding.

Peter, I now understand that your comment is a general gripe rather than one relating only to Fulvia spares. Leaving to one side whether this should be a separate thread, or indeed whether the LMC can turn the internet tide (!) as I understand it, you would rather that these spares be offered to Members first. In a roundabout way, they have been for a long time, because if I have had spares that would get somebody out of a fix then I would happily assist. Although I am not sure if we have met, I know quite a few Fulvia owners over the last 20 years that I have had a Fulvia of one sort or another, and many owners have helped me in the same way. That, to me, is a Club in action. Now these spares have been offered to those Members who log onto the forum, and then subsequently on ebay.

It is true that many members do not log onto the forum, although since ebay has such a wide reach now, I bet many of those who do not log onto the forum do log onto ebay from time to time. Ebay also has a truly international reach which our club does not. I also bet many members don't study the sales and wanted section of the mag either.

But I think that bemoaning the fact that not all the members will see the ad is misguided. I don't think it matters who buys the spares in the first instance. The most important point in my view is that spares do not get thrown away. If the spares remain in the hands of somebody who wanted them, then they are not lost and will still be available to people to help them keep their cars running and to help them improve the cars.

Even if spares are bought by non-members who own Lancias, then these people are potential members of the Club and they are the current owners of our next Lancias. The one certainty is that if cars are lost/scrapped then the owners will not become Club members and the supply of cars will dry up. I think that is why, if my memory serves me correctly, the Club has as one of it's aims "The preservation and use of Lancia cars".

I don't see the point in making it more difficult for anyone, be they members or non-members, to run their cars.

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: peterbaker on 09 February, 2008, 12:21:58 PM
I too have lock-ups spread around the district, one dedicated to spares and go thro the ritual of moving piles of old carpets and knackered calipers etc every few weeks from one resting place to another, mind you its great discovering things one had thought long lost. How often do we go and buy a part only to find later we have three or four in stock! I agree with everything you say but it is a fact most members do not read the forum or go into e-bay. This is a shame, as you also say there are now more bits for sale than ever before, you just need to know where to look.  My comments only concern spares avaliability and no way reflects on membership value, which actually, compared with a lot of other clubs is ok.

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: Jai Sharma on 09 February, 2008, 06:27:48 PM
That certainly strikes a chord. Anyone got any ideas as to what to do with multiple pedal boxes?!!

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: inthedark on 09 February, 2008, 10:50:24 PM
When I get out-bid on ebay (Gamma spares) I often mail the buyer and mention the Consortium & Forum.
we now have 74 members of the Gamma forum.


Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: rogerelias on 10 February, 2008, 06:28:37 PM
Jai. Make a pedal car :D :D

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: peterbaker on 10 February, 2008, 06:44:07 PM
Or if you live by the sea, how about a couple of pedalows (sorry, cant spell it)

Title: Re: Fulvia spares
Post by: DavidLaver on 10 February, 2008, 11:00:43 PM
Tyres are the bain of my life - closely followed by carpet.

At one point I stopped counting at forty tyres.  With the Strada Abarth its a weekly ritual now to fit another four tyres at the weekend and watch them go flat through the week.  Some to the dump, some to a friend's allotment, and "the best" as toys in the garden.  Slicks are about half the weight of a conventional tyre so easier for the kids to get out to play with.

Slowly but surely getting down to "the real stuff" worth keeping...