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Title: Inside mirror recommendation
Post by: Flamfan on 09 October, 2018, 02:48:46 PM
I know that in the 1960's Lancia weren't keen on ' unnecessary ornamentation ' to the body work of their cars and they were
apparently sold without door or wing mirrors. However, there must now be ten times as many cars on the road and I like to see what's behind me.
When I bought my Flaminia I decided to fit two classic USA flat lens adjustable door mirrors.
My original interior mirror was pretty fogged up and even with my new door mirrors the combination was OK but nowhere near as effective as a modern car.
On a whim I splashed out 6.50 on a large clip on panoramic mirror attachment to the interior mirror.
I always thought the view would be very distorted and only of use to caravan owners.
Wow what a difference ! There's minimal distortion and when angled slightly towards the kerb on my RHD car the mirror picks up approx. 30 % more
than the passenger side door mirror. So instead of checking rear view and then passenger door mirror, I simply look at the rear view and I see rear, side and 30 %
extra side view.
I would have also thought owners of LHD cars would find these useful.
They come in all sizes but I opted for the 265mm version. They aren't really too noticeable from the outside because they are black sitting on the chrome original.
I don't attend shows but if originality is required they clip off in five seconds.