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Title: Delta bonnet and 1600 GT i.e. Radiator grill required
Post by: lancialulu on 19 July, 2018, 04:47:59 AM
Our 1600 GTi.e. daily driver has been in the wars after we were hit in the front by a Citroen Berligo in France who rounded a blind bend at speed in the wet.

The bonnet and grill took the impact as did the radiator but nothing else structural (i.e. The bumper and valance are fine).

I have fitted a new rad so the car can be used but I need a good bonnet and mor importantly a front grill. The 1600i.e. Seems to be a face lift model and earlier Mk1 grills do not fit. The later grill is identified with 2 plastic protrusions on the back the "plug" into some clips . Earlier grills have 3 plactic feet at the bottom.

Please private message me if you have a spare grill/ good bonnet.