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Title: APRILIA and AURELIA ‘Blueprint’ drawings
Post by: ColinMarr on 20 June, 2018, 01:15:19 PM
25 years ago I had full size photocopies made of original Lancia design ‘blueprint’ drawings (scale 1:10), which I sold through the LMC Newssheet. I find I still have a few copies left and I would like to offer them now.

These are beautiful and detailed drawings showing profiles, sections and dimensions of bodywork and running-gear.

Three prints are available:

•   Aprilia – dated 25 January 1937 – overall size 80 X 50 cms.

•   Aurelia B20, with early IRS – dated 18 July 1951 – overall size 100 X 60 cms

•   Aurelia B20, with deDion – dated 14 July 1954 – overall size 100 X 60 cms

 See photos to show some of the details.

The price of photocopying and more particularly the cost of postage has increased dramatically in recent years, but I can offer these at £10 each for Aprilia and £9 each for the Aurelia, plus £6 UK postage (rolled in tube), or £2.00 postage if folded into A4. I have very few tubes left, so if this is important to you, please don’t delay.

Important to say, the few remaining Aurelia prints have a small imperfection which shows up as a tiny white area of Tipp-ex, but you would need to look very carefully to find it! Depending on the responses to this offer, I may have some fresh copies made from the dyeline masters that I still have.

Please contact me off-forum and I can explain more.


Title: Re: APRILIA and AURELIA ‘Blueprint’ drawings
Post by: brian on 21 June, 2018, 08:07:47 PM
Aprilia for me please. Tube if possible but obviously folded ins